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Why I Chose Access Consciousness Bars


I thought I would make my website a little different and tell you a bit about me and why I have chosen to change my life.

Hi, I’m Maggie. I have, like most of you reading this, had a very varied life with periods of stability, happiness, joy, great sadness, deep depression, anxiety, and grief – I could go on!


To help me cope, I have tried antidepressants, dabbled in lots of different therapies and regimes, meditation, head massage, aromatherapy, spiritual healing and Reiki to name a few.


Although ticking along nicely running a fairly successful graphic design business, I felt like something was missing. I felt I wanted to do something with my life but just didn’t know what that was.


Like most women this first happened when I hit 40, and although I wanted change I didn’t know where to start as I was on a decent salary which I was reluctant to lose, I decided to stay with the status quo.


These feelings never went away and on turning 50 in December 2017 I felt I had to do something, but what?


I had my first Access Consciousness Bars session at the end of November 2017; after this first session not only did my sleep improve it was of a greater quality, I didn’t wake up feeling tired, on top of this there was a definite shift in my thought processes. I knew the time was right for me to train as an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner.


Four bars sessions later in February 2018 , I had the clarity of thought, courage and strength to know this is what I wanted to do, experiencing first hand how life changing this treatment is.


So here I am … to be continued


How does it get better than this?



Access Consciousness Bars is a process of lightly touching 32 points on your head to help remove old thoughts, self limiting beliefs, judgements and points of view you have collected over the years and are stopping you from being the person you have always dreamed of.

If you’re looking to lose that brain fog, get some clarity, rid the stress in your life, improve your sleep and feel more confident, these are just a few of the things The Bars can help with.



If you would like to know how Bars Sessions can change your life, please get in touch below or Call Maggie on 07792872920





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