My first bars experience

If you are reading this blog expecting a funny story or someone having their first session of alcohol in a bar you are in the wrong place leave now, you will be disappointed.


I have written plenty of blogs for my graphic design business but writing about how life changing this treatment has been it is quite different.


Like many of you reading this blog life is hectic, we spend so much time multi-tasking , spinning plates and trying to keep our work and personal life on track, it results in us running around and coping no doubt with stress and anxiety. For me my brain never seems to switch off and sleep was a luxury rarely granted to me.

I kept crossing paths with a business lady at different events her name is Buckso, I knew there must be a reason for this. She is an Access Conciousness Bars Practitioner and when we were chatting I thought let’s give it a go, what have I got to lose?

I booked my first session and quite predictably was about to leave work when I received a phone call that I had to take, which made me late for my appointment – not a great start!

I arrived in a bit of a flap and sitting down for my treatment suddenly when faced with relaxing my mind kicks in “did I send that email?” “ did I book that print job in?” “did I finish that quote and send it?” “did I get the chicken out for tea?”. I sat there thinking this is never going to work when what seemed like a minute later (actually over an hour later) tapped me on the shoulder to say she was finished.


After a glass of water and getting myself back together and focussed I drove home.


So what happened to me after just one session? I definitely felt calmer but the major bonus for me was that not only did I get more sleep it was a better quality of sleep. I actually wake up feeling rested.


This was the start of my journey … what could be better than this.