What happened next on my bars journey?

Crikey, where do I begin? So much has changed in my life since writing my first blog on access bars consciousness which helps you cope with stress and helps you relax.  I am a little unsure where to start!

I finished my last blog saying that I had had half a dozen or so Bars Sessions and things were really happening so here is some of the things that have happened.

I made the decision to slowly leave my existing business so as to keep the balance correct in it.

After spending another fantastic holiday in India we decided we would like to live there when we retire rather than Spain as planned, so we decided to put our Spanish home up for sale.

I found premises to run my practice from.

I have started getting my life under control again, am back at the gym and losing weight.

Some of you reading this will believe in serendipity, Law of Attraction, things just falling into place at the right time – well I can hand on heart say that since working with Bars and receiving regular sessions myself this is happening more and more and I just love it.

I was always the sort of person that if anything could go wrong it would, but honestly, my mindset has changed and life is much simpler.

So can all of this be down to the Bars and my change of attitude because of this? Well I haven’t changed anything else in my life so can only attribute it to this.

I must say don’t expect to come for one treatment and your life will all of a sudden be a fairy tale – it won’t – if that was the case I would be charging thousands for a session rather than the £40 I charge! But things are just so much better than they have been in a very long time. I sleep better, am eating better, have more energy, and much more clarity in my thoughts.

What have you got to lose? Book a session.